School Anthem

You’ve heard of many a school I trow
And many a college too
But there is one that always is
The best for me and you
Tis perched o’er Naini’s lovely lake
And our dads were there of old
For a hundred years and more tis known
As the home of the true and bold.

Twas called at first the good old Sem
And later SJC
And a dearer place cannot be found
Al least for you and me
Its boys are hard to beat my lads
In classroom, field or fane
Their motto down the years has been
Make sure to play the game

So here’s to the lads of SJC
To her children every man
And pass the word to those who’ll come
Give the motto of the clan
A down the years to fight life’s fight
To fight it clean and be
Among the lads who have kept the bridge
At dear old SJC