Aims and Objectives

Established in 1888, St. Joseph’s is one of the 21 educational Institutions in India conducted by the Christian Brothers. While the main object of the Congregation of Christian Brothers is the provision of general and religious education to their Catholic pupils, their schools are open to boys of all denominations to the extent that accommodation is available. There is no Interference whatsoever in the religious principles and beliefs of non-Catholic pupils.

The Brother recognizes as the most sacred and urgent part of their duty the formation of the character of those committed to their care. Hence religious education of Christian students and moral and ethical education of non-Christian students is an essential part of the curriculum.

Christian students participate in the Eucharistic Liturgy on Sunday and two other days in the week and on other days if they so desire. They have available to them the devoted services of the College Chaplain. The Sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation are administered by the Bishop of Bareilly at an appropriate time each year.