• It is an oft-repeated maxim at College assembles that each student is entitled to his peace of mind. Therefore, he is advised that he has not only the right but the obligation to protest openly or to speak privately to Monitors, House Captains, Staff or the Principal against any situation or individual causing him unhappiness through no fault of his. Because of this, students are all the more conscious of their legitimate rights. Open confrontation frequently defuses what might otherwise be explosive situations, pretty take-bearing is entirely eliminated; and a healthy, manly spirit of openness and honesty is inculcated.
  • Boys who break the rules and regulations of the school or fail to meet the school’s expectations with regard to conduct and behavior will be counseled and advised to change their attitude. If this fails to have any affect the boy’s parents will be informed. Should the disruptive behavior continue, the boy will have to be withdrawn from school. This will apply to boys who, directly or indirectly, incite others to behave in a negative or disruptive manner.