Leave & Medical

Students whose conduct and application have been satisfactory during the months and whose presence is not required on campus for any official activity or function will be allowed to visit their parents or local guardians in Nainital on the occasions specified in the Annual Fixtures, provided that:

  • (i) Their local guardians are officially nominated in writing by their parents.

    (ii) Parental permission is given through a letter to the Principal for each such visit

    (ii) Parental permission is given through a letter to the Principal for each such visit

    (iii) Each student secures an official Exeat before departure from the College and hands it up on his return within the time prescribed thereon.

  • Parent and other authorised persons are not permitted to visit boarders except on days announced in the “FIXTURES”. Visit at other times must have the prior approval of the Principal.
  • Ordinarily, no leave is granted during the term and should not be asked for except under very special circumstances. Leave for religious functions and marriages should be avoided to the utmost. Where it is absolutely necessary, home leave for two days, excluding the journey days, may be granted. In case of the marriage of real brothers and sisters or of parents' brothers and sisters, leave may be granted, if applied for in advance, accompanied by the printed invitation card. Leave for two days, exclusive of journey days, may also be sanctioned, to offer condolences to immediate relatives. Normally, no leave is granted during the examinations.
  • Boys on leave with their parents during the school year must return at the time specified in the exeat card or suffer a period of rustication fixed by the Principal.
  • Boys who abscond from the College hostel will not be readmitted to the College either as boarders or as day scholars.
  • Students are permitted to go out on specified holidays only with those persons whose names are given in the declaration form in the school diary, or persons authorized in writing by the parents.
  • Parents are requested to take special note of the school rules in respect of leave during the mid-term breaks and other holidays. Parents are requested to ensure that their children return to the school in the specified time after the mid-term, winter holidays or any other holiday/holidays.
  • If a boarder student fails to report back to the school by the specified time, he may have to forfeit the next leave due to him, and if even this should fail to ensure his reporting punctually in future, he will be required to be withdrawn.
  • Leave to a boarder student may not be granted, subject to his work and conduct being unsatisfactory, and no parent can demand that the child should be granted leave, if for some reason this has been denied to him by the College Authorities.
  • Parents are requested, in the interest of their children, not to visit them on days other than those specified in the holiday list, to enable the children to adjust to their environment and concentrate on their studies.
  • Going out for overnight stay — permission will be granted only to the parents and very close relatives authorized by the parents to do so.
  • Anyone below the age of 25 will not be granted permission to take a student out of school. In their own interest and safety, parents are required to collect their children on holidays themselves. No student will be permitted to go out with their younger brothers or sisters studying in other schools in Nainital.
  • Frequent visits by parents make the children homesick and unsettled —Therefore, parents are requested to co-operate in following the above rules.
  • Absence without leave: should any Day-Scholars be absent from class on six consecutive calendar days without prior notification in writing to and the permission of the Principal, his name will be cancelled from the College Register. Fees, if any paid on his behalf will not be refundable. If readmitted, all dues incidental to the admission of a new student must be paid on his behalf.
  • Absence without leave: Should any Day-Scholars be absent from class even for one day, the Principal must be informed of the reason and his approval obtained. The Principal accepts no responsibility for informing any parents of the absence from class of his son, nor for any accident or injury that might happen to him during such absence.
  • Lunch Leave: Pupils, especially Day-Scholars, are not permitted to leave the College premises during class hours or at lunch time without written permission of the Principal.
  • The Regularly Irregular: Day-Scholars who are persistently unpunctual and irregular in attendance will at first be warned and next suspended. Finally, if no improvement follows, their parents will be directed to withdraw them from College.


  • While all reasonable care will be exercised in the supervision of the students and while all normal precautions will be taken to safeguard them from danger, the Management accepts no responsibility, moral or legal, for injuries or accidents sustained by a student while he is member of the College.
  • A medical certificate to the effect that a boy is not suffering from any infectious disease or constitutional disorder unfitting him for residence in the Hills must be sent to the Principal before a new student can be admitted.
  • A student who has suffered from an infectious disease during any vacation shall not be permitted to return until he is certified medically clear both by his family doctor and by the Medical officer of the College. Failure to report such matters, especially in the case of Day-Scholars during term, may result in the dismissal of a student.
  • Should it be discovered, subsequent to the admission of a student, that he suffering from an illness, or he after-effects of an illness, of a serious nature because of which he may be deemed either wholly or partially unfit for boarding-school life, the Principal has the right to require his immediate withdrawal.
  • A qualified Medical Officer is in attendance twice weekly at Stone Cross, the College hospital, Moreover; a fully qualified nurse is in residence to minister to the hospitalized boarders and to attend to all students in the dispensary.
  • In the event of the serious illness of a boarder, his parents are informed immediately.
  • At the discretion of the Principal and in consultation with the parents and doctors concerned, a sick boy may be removed from the College hospital and transferred to the care of his parents, at their request, for the duration of his illness. Under such circumstances his parents must produce, on the boys’ return, a medical certificate of fitness to resume normal boarding-school activities.