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Description: The “News Literacy Programme” Session 3 was attended by our Social Justice Team. The Social Justice Animators and Students selected for the programme participated. It was the last and the final session of the news literacy programme. It started with positive news “The news desk of our school – SEM SENSOR was again the news desk of two consecutive weeks in which we had to write an open letter to the journalists and had to cover one story. We are also planning to continue it after the winter vacations. After that we went on to news in the digital age and also played a game named GOOGLE AUTOCOMPLETE to see what kind of suggestions Google shows to variant people. To our surprise we found out that the suggestion which Google shows are not same for everybody so, the question is – WHY IS GOOGLE GIVING DIFFERENT IDEAS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE? The Answer was we look at the real searches that happen on Google and show common and trending ones relevant to the characters that are entered and also related to your location and previous searches. An Algorithm is a formula that helps determine what you’re interested in. This is also known as Filter Bubble. It feels as if we are in an echo chamber which means all the information, ideas or beliefs are repeatedly pushed in an enclosed system like your mind, your news feed or your social circle while other views are prohibited. So to avoid this filter bubble we can apply some strategies. 1- Fooling the algorithm - Liking or commenting on the things you dislike and disliking the things you like. 2- Reading the point of views of the opposition so that your aware of both the sides of the matter. So summing up all the session , “One thing you’ll change about what to read , share and write “ Ans- Read – Verified news which comes from a reliable source and reading news which consists of argument , counter argument and views from the experts . Share- Making sure that the news is correct and the truth is not travelled halfway. The beliefs in the news are not led my authority bias and fake consensus. Write – Keeping all the four things in the mind i.e., subject, time, location and surprise. We really had a blast attending all the sessions and we are grateful to our Principal Br Hector Pinto, Edwin D’Gama Sir, Amit Massey Sir for giving us this chance to participate in the news literacy programme . Lakshita Joshi – Class XI