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Graduation Day- ISC 2022
  • Event Date: 17-Jun-2022
  • Updated On: 17-Jun-2022
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Description: Goodbyes are not forever , goodbyes are not the end; they simply mean we’ll miss you until we meet again ! The end of school is the beginning of something new .Moving ahead signals the end of one season and the emergence of another .A graduation day ceremony for the outgoing ISC batch was organized by the students and class teachers of XII A and XII B on Tuesday, 14 th June 2022. The function started with the ‘tilak’ ceremony performed by Mrs. Ann D’Raunjo and Mrs. Meera Bhatt.The College Captain, Shivam Adikari,delivered the opening address and heartily welcomed all the guests.Next,the students of Class 12 presented a group song ,”Besabriyaan”. This was followed by Manas Tewari’s mesmerising solo performance in which he presented his rendition of the song “Alag Asmaan “. A video prepared by Krishna Rastogi was presented which, no doubt, rekindled some treasured and precious memories. On behalf of the staff,Mrs Shivani Dubey Nath and Mrs. Kavita Bisht presented songs especially dedicated to the outgoing students . A lively stand up comedy show presented by Swapnil Pant was followed by a scintillating dance performance by Snehal Singh Bisht. A video conveying the blessing of the teachers and showcasing the journey of their school life from Class 1 to Class 12 was presented next, it doubtless stirred some poignant memories for the students of ISC 2022.Koshish Jairu and Darshil Pant of the outgoing batch conveyed their sentiments to their batchmates through songs on the theme of friendship. A speech on behalf of all the juniors was delivered by Lakshika Joshi congratulating the seniors on making it to this level in their quest for knowledge, on being a stellar example and inspiration in so many ways and wishing good luck, sound health and unending success for their future endeavours. Further on the list was the most significant event – the Lighting of Candles ceremony .It began with a solemn prayer asking the Almighty to guide the students in their future journey. Fire holds a special place in our consciousness and the custom of lighting candles is an incredibly powerful ritual. The graduating class was invited to proceed in a procession, light their candles and place them on the map of India-- this symbolised their transition from school to the wider world that awaited them. On behalf of the outgoing batch Rachit Tewari ,Aditya Nigam,Harsh Bisht ,Harsh Dharamwal and Utkarsh Sati spoke about their journey at Sem , they recalled happy times and expressed their heartfelt gratitude. Finally,our Principal,Br. Hector addressed the gathering. Brother congratulated the graduating class on their achievements and blessed them for their future goals.Through a motivational PowerPoint presentation, Brother inspired them to become responsible citizens, to spread their light and strive to make the world a better place.The College Captain, Shivam Adhikari, delivered the vote of thanks following which the ceremony concluded with the College Anthem.