If a pupil is not returning to the College in the ensuring year notice of withdrawal must be received by the Principal before December 31st. If notice of withdrawal is not received the parents will be liable to pay full fees for three months.

  • Previous to the withdrawal of a Boarder from College, three month’s boarding fees and there months Tuition fees shall be charged. Day scholars are required to give one months’ notice or default, one month’s tuition fees will be charged.
  • The Management, acting through the Principal, reserves to itself the right of asking for the withdrawal of any boy for whose correction the ordinary means are, in their judgment, found ineffectual. Continued illness, persistent bed wetting, offences against honesty or morality, the use of bad language or of drugs or liquor. Smoking or unsociability will expose the offender to immediate removal. In such cases the Principal does not bind himself to give reason for the action he has taken.
  • Parents or guardians who persistently disobey the College rules, or who are constantly over demanding in attitude, or who are invariably captious and critical in their dealings with the College authorities or the members of the staff, will be deemed uncooperative . In absence of the possibility of a viable working relationship with them to the advantage of their sons and ward, therefore Principal has the right to demand the withdrawal of the latter.
  • Should any student, Day-Scholar or boarder, failed to return to College on re-opening after any vacation period he is likely to fo rfeit his place in College unless prior intimation has been given permission sought for extension of leave.
  • Should a boarder be withdrawn from College on any date after 31stMay, boarding fees for whole year shall be charged.
  • Should a boarder be withdrawn from the College on any date up to and including 31st May, three months’ notice is required or, in default, three month’s boarding fees and three month’s tuition fees shall be charged. On and after 1 st June, in the event of the withdrawal of a boarder, with or without notice, boarding fees and tuition fees for the full year shall be charged
  • Students on their way to and from the College are expected to deport themselves in responsible manner. Any boy who fails to conform to accepted traditional and conventional standards of gentlemanliness in conduct and deportment, especially when in College uniform, e xposes himself to the danger of immediate and compulsory withdrawal the College.
  • It is demanded of each student that he participate in any or all of the extra-curricular or co-curricular activities of the College wh en called on to do so. Without exemption from the Principal, a student’s refusal to comply in this matter will entail his immediate and compulsory withdrawal from the College. This rule applies to the Day-Scholars just as much as it does to Boarders.
  • When parents of Day-Scholars or Boarders are called to the College office, by the principal to discuss the aspects of their children's academic performance or general behaviour, they must assume that the reason for such a call are of considerable is immediate and whole hearted, they shall be obliged to withdraw their children from the College.