• Parents/guardians of boarders are not permitted to visit their sons/wards during the term, except as specified in the FIXTURES.
  • Parents of boarders must apply for an exeat IN WRITING (no faxes) atleast fifteen days in advance. Exeats will not be prepared if a written application is not received.
  • No extensions of leave/holidays/ exeats will be entertained. All boys must be present in school on the days immediately preceding and following a holiday.
  • No birthday celebrations by the parents. Birthdays can be celebrated only on campus with six to eight of their friends, with the prior permission of the Principal in writing.
  • Cooked food articles are not permitted.
  • All late comers will be gated for the next home leave.
  • Town walks are not meant for parent visitation.
  • All leave applications for sickness, out-station etc. Should be directed to principal only for all

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