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Inauguration of India's first Astronomy Park
  • Event Date: 22-Nov-2022
  • Updated On: 22-Nov-2022
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Description: Amazing news for every stargazer and astronomy enthusiast Astro-Park has been started in Nainital in Sem cliff, an amazing opportunity for the common public to observe celestial wonders, like planets, galaxies, moons, and star clusters. The Activities in Astro park includes 1. Navigation through the star 2. Constellation Hunting 3. Deep sky observations 4. Handling the telescope 5. Astrophotography 6. Planetary observation 7. Moon Observation Special thanks to Br. Hector Pinto, Principal of St. Joseph’s College, Nainital We invite you all to this must visit place and experience the universe like never before. Contact us on @astroverse__ to get the more details to book your slot. Contact details ➡ 9927293945