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  • Event Date: 11-Mar-2023
  • Updated On: 13-Mar-2023
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Description: With a hope to wish the best for future accomplishments, a farewell ceremony was organized on Saturday, 11th March’ 2023 in the college auditorium to honour and recognize the works of Br. Ryan Fernandez in his tenure as the Superior in St. Joseph’s College from July’ 2018 till February’ 2023 and will be joining as the Principal – St. John’s College, Chandigarh. Br. Ryan was welcomed with bouquets and roses followed by a farewell speech delivered by Shivani Dubenath. The Principal Br. Hector in his address highlighted the qualities of Br. Ryan as a person with solutions for everything and how he played a pivotal role in student development policies, teacher enrichment programmes, management affairs, financial aspects , staff selection and various other things for the betterment of this school. Br. Ryan gave an emotional speech wishing the best to all staff members and the programme concluded with a celebratory lunch.